#1 For Tote The Note Car Sales

Be Sure To Cover Your Tail…Gate

A lucrative side market has cropped up. It is the theft of tailgates. A criminal can rip yours off your truck in less than a minute and sell it to a shady repair shop. Some thieves are making their living exclusively doing this kind thing. Even tote the note dealers are having to worry about them being stolen right off the lot.  Here are two items that you can buy to prevent losing your tail…gate. 

First, you can buy a replacement latch mechanism. Most tailgates do not have a lock on them, so anyone can open, then steal the tailgate. These latches can run you a few hundred dollars and it is not easy to change the mechanism. Also, they are not available for every model of truck.

Next, you have the poor man’s option. A $20 product that locks the tailgate to its hinge. Installation takes about 10 minutes of your day if you move slow, or five if you’re in a hurry. All you need is a pair is scissors and a  ¼ inch drive.

Here is a link to the installation video:

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