#1 For Tote The Note Car Sales

Fuel-Efficient Car Prices Drop as Fuel Prices Drop

Though some fuel-efficient cars continue to do well, the Prius had its best month ever in April, automotive industry observers believe that fuel-efficient car prices will drop as gas prices drop. This should result in fuel-efficient car deals for the discerning buyer.

The observers say that sales this year should mirror last year’s pattern that had sales of fuel efficient vehicles peaking in April as gas prices neared $4 a gallon. At that point, green vehicles were selling without any incentives at their sticker prices. However, the prices for these popular used vehicles dropped by 15% by the end of the year as gas prices reached a more comfortable $3.50.

If you are in the market for a planet-friendly vehicle, you ought to hold off for a few months so you can buy at the low.  This is true whether you’re buying new or from a tote the note car lot in WI, or your area.

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