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Jazz up Your Teen’s Bedroom

Does your teenager’s bedroom still have Disney figures posters on the wall? If your teen is spending hours in grooming, it’s probably time to transition from toddler to teen in the décor in his bedroom. Take these recommendations from the decorating experts to jazz up a room he’ll really appreciate. Middle School is hard enough without having to study in a bedroom that still has a toy chest!

The first step is to empty the bedroom and closet. Remove window coverings and all artwork. Prepare the walls for painting by patching and sanding any wholes or dents. Cover the floor and any remaining furniture with drop cloths or large sheets to protect from paint splatter. Select a lighter color for the walls. Pops of color can be introduced with accessories. If you’re having difficulties selecting a color, remind yourself that selecting a baby’s name is a big decision, selection a color for a $25 gallon of paint is not. Paint the interior of the closet as well. This will give the entire room a fresh start. Return the main pieces of furniture to the room.

Select window treatments and bedding that compliments the wall color. Hang window treatments. Hang window treatments three inches from the ceiling to allow visually increase the size of the room. Add throw pillows for pops of color. Consider turning the toy chest into a bench by adding a cushion for color and comfort. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select framed posters of his favorite sports teams from the huge selection available from Fanatics. Two oversized bean bag chairs will certainly be a welcome addition as he spends time in his room with his buddies. A large table or desk should replace the space heretofore reserved for toys and trains. Update ceiling lighting and task lighting. Provided all the paint fumes have dissipated from the space, return all shoes and clothing to the closet.

In one short weekend you’ve managed to successfully transition your son’s room from a dated toddler’s space to a haven for teenagers. He should enjoy this space for years to come.

Should Debt Collectors Be Allowed To Use Text To Collect?

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Auto Financing Terminology: “EMI”

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What Does “We Tote Your Note” Mean?

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