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Smoking Cessation Tips

Have you decided it’s finally time to kick the smoking habit? It’s never too late. Each day you go without smoking, your body begins the process of repairing itself from the damages of nicotine and carcinogens. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. Quitting smoking means beating two habits. The habit of lighting up and the body’s need for the continuous supply of nicotine must both be addressed simultaneously. Follow these recommendations from the medical professionals to ensure your journey to become smoke free is a success.
The first step in any attempt to quit smoking is to meet with your health care professional and develop a plan. Decide, together, what the best course of action is for your addiction level, lifestyle and tolerance. There are a myriad of prescriptive and non-prescriptive smoking cessation aids to help you on your journey. Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and snagging a mech sauce coupon to save on a selection of vaping devices as a way to reduce nicotine consumption.
Set a quit date. Don’t wait for a Monday or the first of the month. Your body does not know the difference. Set this date at least one week out but no longer than one month out. Begin to get rid of ashtrays and smoking paraphernalia. Power-clean your car and the areas where you generally smoke. Begin to make a list of the times and events that most often trigger your desire to smoke and write down options to divert your cravings. If you generally pick up a cigarette when the phone rings, have a toothpick or piece of gum handy to divert your attention. If the urge to smoke comes at the end of a meal, brush your teeth to remove the taste of food. Many smokers have a cigarette first thing upon awakening. Commit to brushing your teeth and enjoying a tall glass of water instead of a cigarette. Another proven way to divert your attention from smoking is to take short walks. Walk around the office, parking lot or neighborhood to curb your cravings.
When you reach your quit date, don’t stress yourself out by suggesting that you are now on the road to quitting for life. Take it one day at a time. Measure your success hour by hour if necessary. If you relapse and have a cigarette, don’t beat yourself up. Start again on your smoking cessation journey the next day. You can do this!