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Shopping for autos which can be purchased in spite of unfavorable credit ratings? Way too many dealers need customers to locate your car note from an off-site bank or financial institution. We’re the number 1 place to seek out auto dealerships who offer in-house automotive lending in Arizona. Any time dealerships tell you “we tote the note,” this implies they don’t make their customers have loans from banks to pay for cars or trucks from them. Rather they grant loans directly. So they have greater power to accept consumers who have non-ideal credit. Want to get your financing confirmed from a Tote the Note car lot in Arizona? Please click here to Get Financed!

In Arizona Tote the Note car dealers may also be referred to as:

  • Buy Here and Pay Here (BHPH)
  • Your Income is Your Credit
  • We Finance Auto Sales

If you have been refused before, the best option is finding a retailer who offers Tote the Note cars. These types of dealerships regularly accept auto loans of last resort for consumers who have very less-than-perfect credit. The thing is, a traditional retailer doesn’t in reality approve a buyer to take out a loan for a car or truck. The loan company actually buys the automobile, while a new owner’s installment payments are paid to this creditor as opposed to the dealership. Not the case with your Arizona Tote the Note car dealer. But like the majority of arrangements for those that want to pick up a vehicle with rocky credit history, there is a disadvantage: on-site APR rates tend to be over 15 percent. Tote The Note Car Lots in Arizona