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Should Debt Collectors Be Allowed To Use Text To Collect?

In a desperate attempt to look serious about reducing the federal deficit, President Obama has stated that he would consider allowing federal debts to be collected using text messages. According to administration numbers the use of text messages should facilitate the collection of an additional $500 million in taxes, student loans, etc. Really? A message…Continue Reading

How To Avoid DMV Headaches

There are two places that most people avoid like the plague: the dentist’s office and the DMV. Both can be associated with pain. Good luck with the dentist, but here are a few tips to help reduce the pain when you buy your next car from a tote the note dealer and have to visit…Continue Reading

2011’s Most Fuel Efficient Trucks

Gas prices have everyone scrambling for the most fuel efficiency possible. Truck owners are among the hardest hit and are looking to save money as much as is possible and still have a dependable truck that meets their needs. Here are the ten most fuel efficient trucks available in 2011. Ford Ranger Toyota Tacoma Chevrolet…Continue Reading

Top 5 Car Brands For Women

Women now make up 38.5% of all new-vehicle registrations. How can anyone ignore that large a percentage of their potential customer base? That sort of makes dealers and tote the note car lots wonder what women are buying these days, because if they are not buying your car, then it may be time to advertise…Continue Reading

Car Cloning: Buyer Beware

As long as there have been laws, there has been someone trying to get around them. Stealing cars dates back to when they were individually hand-made. The problem has always been how to unload a stolen car. Criminals have found yet another way: car cloning. Car cloning is fairly simple. Take one stolen car, add…Continue Reading

Are Your Buns Burning?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has started an investigation into reports of burns caused by seat heaters. Most of the reports come from individuals with sensory loss in their lower extremities, but the trend seems to be rather disturbing. The NHTSA has dozens of reports on file from people suffering from sensory issues…Continue Reading